Screens WF25

In addition to design and functionality, TECHO office furniture can also exhibit privacy and snugness – a fine example of this is the versatile WF25 screen system. This frameless screen system is able to improve the quality of the workplace environment, improve the acoustic conditions and also have a significant aesthetic impact.

The screens have a chipboard or fibreboard core that is covered with a fabric of your choice from the BLAZER LITE or BOMBAY fabric ranges. The screen is attached to the desk using holders, or there is also a freestanding option. In addition to the above options we also offer a pinnable version.



Max. dimensions for MD screens (attached to desktop):

  • Height: 500 mm
  • Width: 2000 mm

Max. dimensions for V screens (freestanding):

  • Height: 1750 mm
  • Width: 700 mm


  • BLAZER LITE - 100% wool
  • BOMBAY - 100% polyester


  • We offer the BLAZER LITE and BOMBAY fabric ranges.


  • Dimensions according to desk size
  • A wide range of colour finishes
  • Freestanding, attachment to desktop with holders. A pinnable version
  • A wide range of accessories, such as suspended boxes, and holders for pens or note paper
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